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Laser Hair Removal Dark Skin
The laser hair removal and dark skin tone combination has myths that surround it which can be difficult for African American skin types of women.
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Fotona 3D Laser Strechmark Treatment
The laser energy is delivered to the skin at varying degrees of depth and speed to initiate the production of new skin cells. Skin remodelling is an effective course of action for people who want to reduce superficial scars like stretch marks or acne scars.
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Laser Treatments
Dr. Munoz Paris’s Facial Cosmetic Clinic in Istanbul offers the most advanced laser technology to provide various skin revitalizing treatments with the highest degree of precision.
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6 Oct

The Anti-Aging Secrets


DR Munoz Paris is a top Anti-Aging doctor, which means that her expertise, experience, and skill is solely dedicated to the Aesthetic and Anti-Aging. Dr. Munoz Paris has achieved the highest degree of specialty training in her field and has accrued years of experience and knowledge here in Istanbul .

Our clinic offers both ablative and non-ablative laser technology. We have both Co2 and Erbium lasers with the most current advancements in the industry. Our laser services cover a wide range of treatments: sun spots and damage, moles, collagen stimulation, skin renewal, pigmentation irregularities, spider veins, skin texture, skin tone, skin quality, acne scarring, and anti-aging skin tightening.

Dr. Munoz Paris offers a 30-minute free consultation for you to discover which laser treatment would be most effective for your area of concern. Depending on the laser treatment, you may even be able to proceed with the non-surgical treatment on the same day..

[eltd_blockquote text=”The Fotona Laser System is one of the newest technologies with many innovative and versatile laser treatments available for patients. Being one of the first in Istanbul to offer this Fotona laser technology, Dr. Munoz Paris’s Laser clinic is delighted with the safety and efficacy of this laser, as well as the high satisfaction rate of treated patients.

Dr. Munoz Paris
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