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Laser Hair Removal Dark Skin
The laser hair removal and dark skin tone combination has myths that surround it which can be difficult for African American skin types of women.
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Fotona 3D Laser Strechmark Treatment
The laser energy is delivered to the skin at varying degrees of depth and speed to initiate the production of new skin cells. Skin remodelling is an effective course of action for people who want to reduce superficial scars like stretch marks or acne scars.
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Laser Treatments
Dr. Munoz Paris’s Facial Cosmetic Clinic in Istanbul offers the most advanced laser technology to provide various skin revitalizing treatments with the highest degree of precision.
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6 Oct

Medical Aesthetics Treatments


The benefits and merits of Botox have been made popular by ever-increasing press and social media coverage.

Botox is the top-rated facial cosmetic, non-surgical treatment around the world and is unquestionably an amazing procedure to help combat the aging process. The main key to achieving proper Botox injection results is to choose an expert Botox injector. Proper Botox injection techniques should result in a younger, smoother appearance, at the same time preserving a natural amount of facial expression. At our Istanbul Anti-Aging Clinic, only our cosmetic doctors perform the Botox treatments. They work with each patient to customize an approach that naturally suits their face, carefully mapping patient facial muscles in order to achieve the desired results.

Botox is one of the safest non surgical treatments performed. It is temporary, which can be helpful to alleviate patient concerns. The top complication with Botox is actually not caused by the product itself, but in fact is most commonly due to an inexperienced injector.

Dr. Munoz Paris

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